‘Found Woman’ by Herbert Capelle, 2018

‘Found Woman’ is a display vitrine made of found cloths and accessories. It was first shown  in the German city of Münster in July 2018. Please read below for exhibition details and gallery representation.

This work of art was assembled in May-June 2018. The objects which I collected during the past few years were mostly found on the road where I live. This road connects the neighbouring cities of Hengelo and Enschede, the Netherlands. At night when people walk home, probably drunk, they lose their pumps, knickers, gloves, vests, scarfs etc. On other occasions sunglasses and earrings. Some stuff I found in an old wardrobe at home. One piece I actually bought in a second hand shop. My friend also gave me a few bids and pieces. The mannequin legs, arms, etc. where already in my studio but I bought additional parts and a torso, because I wanted non-matching body parts. As if to construct a woman out of separate torso, head and limbs. Somehow this idea was intriguing. The girls from Iran which I used in ‘Lost Boy’ were also a major inspiration, but Found Woman is not necessarily a Muslim.

Herbert Capelle – Found Woman

The head was contructed with a plaster print of my newly ‘found’ girl friend.  There is whole story to this because the plaster print was a very pain full operation for her. The whole project was nearly cancelled. Art is imitating life very much in this work. In the end me and my ‘found woman’ were happy with the result after we fitted the vitrine together with all the objects.

I received much positive response form the audience. A German newspaper praised the sculpture as “a slightly morbid mixture of Snow White in the coffin and the magic of a sawed-down maiden.” Well what can I say, all i did was finding a woman bit by bit and put it on display. One visitor was clearly excited by the collection of ‘found textiles’, because it it makes a story in people’s imagination en he wanted to know more about my motives. Yesterday i got an email from someone who was interested and asked if this work was part of a series. Maybe.

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Exhibition details (expired):
Part of the group exhibition Groβ-Klein, 30 artists from 074PK
Titanickhalle, Hawerkamp 31, Münster, Germany
Saturdays and Sunday 15.00-19.00 from 1 July till 29 july 2018
See also: Am Hawerkamp website



‘Found Woman’ by Herbert Capelle, 2018